Robert van Kessel Interior design Marbella

Interior Design
Marbella & Breda

Interior Design
Marbella & Breda

Interior Design
"design is a balance
between form & function...
it takes two."

Interior Design Marbella

In 2019 I have taken the decission to launch 

My designs are characterised by tranquillity, symmetry, pure materials and subdued use of colour. All designs are created from my intuition. After entering a room I already know exactly what the design should be and I start formulating the perfect picture in my head. My efficiency ensures that the process runs smoothly.

Every client has different wishes and preferences. By combining these wishes with the character of the space or building, a design is made that fits the environment and its inhabitants. By means of light, colors, layout and furniture, various styles can be combined that fit this design. The characterful designs that are propagated radiate a certain luxury and exclusivity. 

Feeling at home in your home is central to all designs. Coming home should feel pleasant and comfortable. So that every time you leave the house with a good feeling. 

Rober van Kessel Interior design Marbella

Dare to dream of a contemporary home

I enjoy a challenge, particularly when people contact me saying that they are just ‘stuck’ and unsure where to go. I understand that it is difficult knowing there is something wrong with your space or you are simply needing a change but you cannot identify what it is. I can help you in advising, designing and creating the interior you were always dreaming of. 

I moved from the Netherlands to Marbella 11 years ago so fully understand that it takes time to know exactly where to find different styles of furniture and the right handyman for the right price. I can help you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Whatever your project, engage me for the level of reliability, professionalism and quality you expect.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

robert kessel interior design marbella

Robert van Kessel

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