Robert van Kessel Interior design Marbella

Interior Design - How it works?




Design phase

The design phase starts by means of an introductory meeting in which we briefly discuss the project and the further wishes are noted for further elaboration.

Conceptual Design

On the basis of this information, we draw up the overall conceptual design for the project and spaces.

  • The Conceptual Design relates to the following parts:
  • Concept development with regard to the named space
  • Layout floor plan of the space concerned
  • Hardware specifications (selection of various materials including: floors, walls, etc.)
  • Specifications Software (selection of various materials including: furniture, carpets, curtains, mood lighting, etc.)
  • Colour plan for the space concerned
  • Lighting plan
  • Advice on decoration for the room(s) concerned

Follow-up Conceptual Design

The hours we have to make in relation to this project will be invoiced on a directing basis. For this you will receive an invoice at the end of each agreed period with the hours worked on this project described.

Of course, an all-in price can also be agreed on.



Home staging showcases your home’s selling features, gives your home a competitive advantage, and can help you sell your home for more money and faster than non-staged homes. A staged home creates a welcoming feeling that entices potential buyers to look around during a successful open house or showing with your real estate agent. Each of our home staging packages helps prepare your home for the real estate market. We offer hands on, full service Home Staging for both occupied and vacant homes.  


Home staging packages: 


- Home staging checklist – “do-it-yourself” package: € 250*

We provide you with a checklist of home staging suggestions, and you do the work.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home
  • Checklist of staging suggestions for you to make in each room
  • You move the furniture and accessories, and declutter each room per our suggestions
  • Final walk-thru where we make final adjustments and recommendations

- Home staging 3 rooms – “strategic showcase” package: € 900 *

We stage 3 key rooms to “showcase”, to make the biggest impact on potential buyers.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home
  • We arrange your furniture, accessories, and artwork for you in the 3 key rooms
  • If you need additional rental furniture or accessories, see our Add-On Option below

- Home staging “vacant home” package: € 2.250 *

We stage 3 key rooms to showcase your “vacant home” and make it feel inviting.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home for measurements
  • We find furniture, accessories, and artwork for your home at a rental company
  • Includes ordering, scheduling, selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories, and unpacking and packing of accessories

- Home staging 5 days – “make a statement” package: € 2.450 *

We stage as much of your home as we can (in 40 hours) to “make a statement”. This is ideal for luxury homes larger than 5,000 square feet or homes that need significant de-cluttering.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home
  • De-clutter and design optimal spaces that emphasize the home’s selling features
  • Furniture placement plans for 3 key rooms (additional rooms as time permits)
  • We arrange your furniture, accessories, and artwork for you

*Additional costs (not included in packages)

  • Packing Materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Additional contractors (painters, cleaners, movers, landscapers, etc.)
  • Storage units for excess belongings (if there is not enough space on your property)
  • Rental furniture and accessories fees, and delivery/pickup fees

Add-on options

  • Packing Assistance – € 40/hour: Help you pack non-essential items to declutter and prepare for your move.
  • Declutter & Organize – €40/hour: Help declutter and organize your spaces like closets, pantries, or garages to prepare your home for staging and your move. 5-hour minimum per session.
  • Rental Furniture and Accessories – € 300 + Monthly Furniture/Accessories Fees : When additional furniture and accessories are needed to optimize the staging of your home, we work with a home staging rental company to find furniture, accessories, and artwork for your home. This includes ordering, scheduling, selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories, and the unpacking and packing of accessories.